Letting Agents Letchworth Can Help You Find Quality Tenants

One of the most difficult parts of being a landlord is finding quality tenants. You think you have a pretty good idea on who you’re putting in your properties, but once problems start to arise, it can be really difficult to do anything about it. If your properties are around the Letchworth area, then you’re in luck. The letting agents Letchworth can let your property for you, relieving you of some of the stress associated with being a landlord.

The process is rather simple. An online estate agent will come out and view your properties. They will take pictures, create a floor plan, and talk with you about the rental. Once this step is finished, the letting agents Letchworth will create an online profile of your properties. These are submitted to the major sites where potential tenants search for homes. The letting agents Letchworth will also create a mini-website that you will have access to. You can see how the property is presented, as well as how many people have viewed the rental home.

If someone has questions, the online estate agent will provide answers and can meet them to view the property. If the potential tenant is ready to proceed, an application will be completed. Reference checks and credit checks will be done and you’ll receive a report on the findings. The final decision is yours. If you decide you want to proceed as well, the letting agents Letchworth will take care of all the paperwork and collect the initial payments and deposits. All of this can happen for as little as six percent of the monthly rental fees.

If you want to sell your home instead of let it, the online estate agent can help you there, as well. They will take care of advertising your home, posting it to multiple websites, and can arrange for showings. Once an offer has been made in writing, it will be presented to you. If you accept, the company will take care of the requisite paperwork. This can all happen for as little as a couple hundred pounds. That’s much, much less than traditional real estate agents charge for selling a home.

The internet has really changed the way that the real estate market works. Now, ninety percent of people looking to buy or let a home look online first. When your property is represented in a professional manner and your interests are protected when dealing with buyers and tenants, you’ll feel much more at ease. It can be quite a stressful time to sell or let your home, but a professional online estate agent can make it much easier.

In closing, if you are ready to sell or let your home, then contact one of the letting agents Letchworth or another online estate agent to get the process started. Its much less expensive than you might think. With a professional, experienced staff, you’re sure to love how easy it is to make it all happen.

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