10 useful business apps for your smartphone

To always stay in shape to keep the maximum focus on your work and have a good efficiency, businessmen, leaders, and all busy people must learn to adapt in the modern world overloaded with information, among the huge number of Push notifications and messages on messengers.

For this purpose, we have prepared for you a selection of the most useful apps that will help you in business and enterprise management.

Wunderlist and ToDoIst — task managers

The use of cloud task managers will help you at least not forget about your business, which often happens with many, and as a maximum to improve the productivity of your working day.

Among the main features of Wunderlist and ToDoIst analogue include:

  • The availability of the task list on all your devices — smartphone, home and work computer, tablet
  • The ability to create shared lists between your staff and departments
  • Creating subtasks, deadlines, notes, file attachments, reminders etc.

All the necessary features available for free.


TracFone My Account – Rank History shows how popular free TracFone My Account app is in the iOS app store, and how that’s changed over time. You can track the performance of TracFone Wireless My Account every hour of every day across different countries, categories and devices.


Evernote is your digital brain

It’s more than just the app or the service notes. An indispensable tool for storing and structuring information.

Why to remember and keep in mind the accounts of the company, VAT number, passport number, where and in what banks you have deposits what is the USSD request to purchase the Internet package and much more? All these data you can neatly store in the system Evernote and quickly if necessary to handle.

You can save your notes read books, information about employees, your business ideas, thoughts, interesting quotes, even passwords in secure mode.

Evernote is also available on all types of devices, and most functions free of charge.


MindMeister — online designer brain maps

For those who value their time very important to quickly see all aspects of your project. One of the best methods for this is a tool for visualization and structuring of information — mental, brain maps, or as often called in this original mind mapping.

Using the app and online service MindMeister you can create your own Montgomery for your project, log meetings, plan events, situation etc.

Also here are all the benefits of the cloud, access to MindMeister accessible from all devices, and there is the possibility of cooperative work with other members of the card.


Calendar, Sunrise, Outlook and Calendars cloud-based calendars

For planning weeks and months in advance is most efficient to use a cloud-based calendar. There are many analogies from the native app in iOS and Android to cross-platform third-party solutions, such as Outlook.

Project Sunrise had separate applications for MacOS and Chrome browser, unfortunately, after the acquisition by Microsoft will be closed and integrated with Outlook. Therefore, a full standalone solutions are very few.

Also pay attention to applications for the iPhone and iPad, which have a considerable number of fans due to its simplicity of interface and sync with iOS and Google calendar.


Camscanner — scan documents

Any business, even the super high-tech startup is not yet complete without the interaction with the documents.

App Camscanner automatically processes and clears the recorded document, to make it look as clearly as possible. In paid advanced versions and also the analogues from Abbyy and other companies have the ability to recognize text inside documents.

Try native function shooting and working with documents in Evernote.


DropBox, Google Drive and Yandex.Drive — cloud file services

With the development of the Internet era of flash is over. If you still don’t use DropBox or its analogues, after reading be sure to try. This will greatly help you to automate work with files.

The principle of the system is very simple. You install a special application on your work and home computer, smart phone, and after copying, editing and any other operations with the files, they are automatically synced with your other devices via the cloud.


LinkedIn — professional social network

Perhaps the best social network for you to spend your time business person.

It is no secret that many top companies such as Google take to the company employees through LinkedIn. In this network of professionals you can find not only employees but also partners and customers.

Recommend to properly fill your profile and regularly update your feed interesting professional publications, it will help you to attract the right people.


Feedly, Flipboard and Twitter — news aggregators

For every entrepreneur, it is important to be aware of the latest news in their country, sector and international market.

Using these applications, you can configure a constant stream of information from news sites and channels.

Yes, Twitter, in particular, can be used for this purpose, for many it has become one of the most convenient ways.


MegaPlan and Bitrix24 — intranet, corporate portal, CRM

This is a more serious and comprehensive system for management of the company and its business processes, interaction with employees, partners and customers.

These services and applications, you can create new employees, assign them tasks to create operational reports, use of internal business instant messenger, shared calendar, cloud file storage company, automated business processes, keeping files on customers, which employees contact, to collect and distribute leads from phone calls, emails, messages from facebook page, telegram. bot and many other useful functions.

These tools will help you automate your business and the sooner you start to use them, the easier it will be to go through the process of implementation among staff.

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